Travel Resolutions 2016

Travel Resolutions 2016: This Year I’ll Make it Right!

Here we go again: 2016 came and with it, its inevitable travel resolutions! What’s different this year? Well, this year we’ll make it right!

Get off social-media.
We all love posting and sharing but when traveling, you should not spend hours with your head looking down on your smartphone or you’ll simply miss out. Visit the place, mix with locals and have real fun. You can always take pictures and share them afterwards.

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Create your own travel piggy bank.
A little coin a day goes a long way! Saving does not come easy, but when the goal is a trip, things are different. Not matter if your destination is a far way land or close to your home town, a little fund will help you greatly in making your travel dreams come true.

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Try new travel styles.
Have you been traveling the same way all your life? Then it is time to change! Backpacking, solo traveling, adventure travel, or any other type that comes to mind. Try something new and you may discover you actually love it!

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Make a travel list.
Lists can be an extremely effective motivational tool. Your thoughts stay on paper and remind you what your goals are. Think of places you’ve always wanted to see and write down a few of them. Then try to visit at least one in 2016.

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Travel solo.
Take time for yourself and you won’t regret it! A solo trip will change you and the way you see the world. It is the perfect excuse to mingle with people or try something your friends or soulmate would not do.

Travel Resolutions 2016

Go local with food.
Food plays a big part in your travel experience. Going somewhere else and spending time in the usual multinational eateries will not bring much to that experience. A better understanding of the place comes also through the food you eat. Don’t be scared, you’ll survive!

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Try an unconventional destination.
Galapagos, Iceland, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica… it’s a big world and there are some awesome destinations. This year heading somewhere unconventional could be the way to go. Try to get as much info as possible beforehand and expect the unexpected.

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