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Things to do in Madrid -10 Must see Places

With all its plazas, imposing buildings, tasty food and people that love to party, there are loads of things to do in Madrid, which is perfect in a city that never sleeps. 


Things to do in Madrid Madrid’s Flag        Things to do in Madrid Euros       Things to do in Madrid3.234 million people

       Things to do in Madrid   Spanish                  Things to do in Madrid The sun shines an average 250 days a year in Madrid

Things to do in Madrid – 10 Must see Places

Things to do in Madrid Royal Palace – A part from being the official residence of the Spanish King, the Royal Palace is not only massive but a very beautiful building. With a huge amount of rooms (2.000) that are typically decorated, when walking around you feel like in a fairy tail setting. The garden is also a highlight and should not be missed.

Things to do in Madrid

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Puerta Del Sol – This huge plaza is considered the very centre of Madrid and a connecting point to millions of people everyday. Trust me, there is no time of the day when this place is quite. Here you will also find loads of interesting things to do and see…
The main building on the square is home to the Government of Comunidade de Madrid and the clock on that building is famous due to a very peculiar Spanish tradition, in which, on new years eve, millions of people stand in front of it waiting to turn midnight so that they can swallow a grape every time the bell rings (apparently this brings luck).
At Puerta Del Sol you will also see the statue of Carlos III, known as the Mayor-King, as well as the famous statue of the Bear and the Madrone tree, the symbol of Madrid!

Things to do in Madrid

Prado Museum –  With one of the largest art collections in the world, the Prado Museum is, no doubt about, a must visit when in Madrid. A very rich art collection that includes pieces from Goya, Velasquez and El Greco. If you don’t have much time in town and wish to see some specific art works, we recommend checking the museum’s website for the itinerary suggestions offered. The Prado museum is free of charge at the following times and dates for all visitors: From Monday to Saturday, 6pm to 8pm, and Sundays and holidays from 5pm to 7pm. November 19 and International Museum Day, during the full opening hours

Things to do in Madrid

Cava Baja – Right in the city centre you will find a street called Cava Baja, and a visit to Madrid is never complete without a night out in Cava Baja. This street is literally packed with bars and restaurants, being the perfect spot to enjoy some tapas, drink a beer or two and hop to the next bar! ;O) From Thursday to Saturday this area is particularly crowded.

Things to do in Madrid

Retiro Park –  An oasis in the middle of the city. Retiro Park is the perfect place to scape from it all and enjoy a bit of tranquility and some peaceful surroundings. Whether you just want to walk, cycle or simply seat by the water and watch the time goes by, Retiro Park is well worth visiting.

Things to do in Madrid
Santiago Bernabéu – For any football fan, Real Madrid’s stadium should definitely be in the list of things to do in Madrid. The tour around the stadium includes pretty much everything that is there to be seen (even the dressing rooms and the tunnel that leads the players to the pitch) and is quite interesting. The museum is well organised and you will be able to see all the trophies and the stories about the players. Our advise is to buy the tickets online before you go as the queues can be rather long and annoying.

Things to do in MadridPalacio de Cibeles – The building itself is already worth visiting, but is when you are up there in the very top of the Palacio de Cibeles that you realise what a magnificent city Madrid is. Outstanding views from this amazing neo-classical palace located at the end of Gran Via. There is a very good tourist office, a shop and free wifi inside the building. Do not forget your camera!

Things to do in Madrid
Cerralbo Museum – Have you ever wondered how was life for a wealthy family in the 19th century? If your answer is yes, then you should visit the Cerralbo Museum. This is a really well kept house-museum showing how the Cerralbo family used to live back in the days. Its is actually a very interesting museum as it places its visitors right in the middle of “action”, transporting you to a wealthy period. Time travelling….

Things to do in MadridManzanares River walk – built in a area that before was very ugly and not useful, the Manzanares Riverwalk is now a lovely place for walking along the water, admiring the beautiful gardens and enjoying the great Madrid weather. If you have kids, this is a must visit place. There are plenty of things to do here.  The views from the Riverwalk are very pleasant and there are many cafes and restaurants along the way in case you wish to have something to eat or drink.

Plaza Major - Madrid
 Plaza Mayor – In the very centre of Madrid Historical Centre you will find Plaza Mayor, a must see enormous plaza with lovely architecture and the best bocadillo de calamares is town.

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