Pasta Shapes: Delicious Italian Geometry

You have been living in Italy for too long when you start combining the different shapes of pasta with the different sauces.

First time I went to a supermarket in Rome, I was overwhelmed with all those silhouettes and names.
I thought it didn’t make much sense to have so many possibilities; after all pasta is made out of the same ingredients.
Ah, was I wrong!? Every sauce requires a perfect pasta-combination.

This video, “Perfect Guide to Pasta Shapes” by Jamie Oliver, gives you the best tips on how to match the pasta to the sauce, the soup, the gravy or whatever culinary desire you have:

Spaghetti are associated with the lighter sauces. Surprisingly enough “Bolognese” is not one of those!
Similar to Spaghetti are Linguine. Due to their flatter shape though they go nicely with fish sauces.
Tagliatelle and Pappardelle are perfect for heavy and meaty sauces. They are made to carry both meat and tomato.
Rigatoni and Fusilli are a good match for tuna sauces or veggie-mixes.
Let’s not forget the fancy Farfalle (literally butterflies), the Orecchiette (little ears) or the lovely mini-pasta…

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