Most Special Greetings

Most Special Greetings from around the World.

Greeting is a way to welcome or salute someone. Often in a simple gesture, culture, tradition and attitude of an entire population is combined. That is why something so “normal” for someone can appear completely strange to others.
This time we went around the world to discover the most special greetings out there.

The Netherlands.
Kissing and hugging among friends is quite common all over the world. What is surprising is how much the Dutch actcually kiss!
We had some pretty confusing moments there. The usual kiss on the chick is given 3 times. So if after one or 2 kisses you lean back, your Dutch friend will be left in a strange situation.

Most Special Greetings

The warm Mozambique population is quite noisy when meeting friends. In fact it is customary to clap hands three times before the standard hello.

This land is famous for being very welcoming. Although the usual hand shake is the formal way to go, don’t be surprised if someone tries to kiss you on the nose!

New Zeland.
The Maori culture is one of the richest in the world. Here greeting is known as “Hongi”. It consists of rubbing your nose with the person you want to salute. The margin for error is minimal as you can imagine. So please mind the distance!!

Most special greetings

Surprisingly in the spiritual and meditative Tibet we found one of the most uncommon ways to say hello. Don’t get annoyed if someone, very politely, pokes out his/her tongue. This gesture has ancient roots. Precisely it goes all the way back to king Lang Darma. The king wasn’t liked at all and he was famous for having a black tongue. Stretching out your tongue is a way to prove you are not the reborn sovereign.

Most Special Greetings


The famous “bow” has several meanings. A deep and long bow shows a great deal of respect from the greeter. The young generation tends to simply nod the head in a quick and less formal way.

Most Special Greetings

Last stop for our “most special greetings” is Russia.We can’t avoid mentioning what in our opinion is one of the strangest way of greeting. Linked to politics and made famous by old pictures and spy movies: the men kissing. It is not unusual for the leaders of different parties to kiss on the lips when they meet!

Most Special Greetings


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