About Us

About us

Welcome to HoWhizz! We like to travel. So much so, that we are always on a hunt for magic travel deals that can fulfil our wishes. As we don’t like to travel alone we have created HoWhizz to share the best deals that are around with you.

What does HoWhizz stand for?

That is easy!!! HoWhizz means Holiday Wizard

What do you offer?

Interesting travel content and cheap high quality, travel, hotel and flight deals. When we say high quality, that means real good stuff! We do not come up with the cheapest deals because many times the cheapest is not the best.

At HoWhizz you will find:

  • hotels that have good quality and honest reviews
  • flights that are as direct as possible and with renown Airlines (There is no point in paying €20 less and having a flight that will take 2 days to arrive in the final destination)
  • packages that are real value for money (we tend to look for packages that have loads of services combined for the best price possible)

How much do you charge?

We don’t. We do not take a cent from you when you decide to buy one of the deals that are placed on our website.

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