8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome

8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome

Surrounded by history and myths, this is problem one of the most interesting places when it comes to human presence on earth. Rome is a city that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime and to give you a hint on what’s there to be experienced we’ve created: 8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome.


Flag of RomeRome’s Flag        Language spoken in ItalyItalian        Rome's population 2.8 Million People

   Italian currency    Euros                  8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome  The Colosseum accommodates 50.000 people!

8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome
Rome has a Mediterranean weather with year around average temperature during the of 20°C and 10° at night. If you wish to go somewhere with better temperatures than in North Europe, Rome is a very good alternative. Even during winter the average temperature is never as low as up north. You can expect to get anything around 13°C during the day and 3°C in the at night.

8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome

ColosseumThe colosseum is no doubt about a must-see when in Rome, not only that, this gigantic Amphitheatre is the largest of its kind in the entire world! We are talking about one of those sites that when you see that first thing you think is: WOOOOOW. :O) You will need at least a couple of hours to walk around the Coliseum and explore the different parts of this precious high quality ancient Roman engineering work. Interesting fact – Sometimes the Romans would flood the Colosseum for boat battles!

8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome

Pantheon – Free of charge, this fabulous monument dedicated to the 7 planetary divinities is absolutely stunning. Walk in and look up the sealing…words cannot describe this beautiful work of architecture. Although the place is always pretty full of people, let yourself travel in time and appreciate this magnificent place.

8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome

Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain) – Legend says that if you throw a coin in the waters of the fountain you will return to Rome. Whether that is true we don’t know, what we know for sure is that the fountain is lovely, really pretty indeed, although always crowded no matter what time of the day. In the region around the fountain you will find loads of small tourist shops, restaurants and cafes.

8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome

Musei Capitolini –  Although we can consider Rome an open air museum, it’s well worth visiting the Musei Capitolini to understand the many layers of Rome. This museum has an incredible rich collection on Ancient Rome including the statue of the She-Wolf with Romulus and Remus.

8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome    Il Gelato di San Crispino – There is no excuse for someone that goes to Italy and does have at least 1 ice cream, we we are now talking about one of the best you can try anywhere in the world! Il Gelato di San Crispino is a small ice cream shop located at Via della Panetteria 42 just around the corner from Fontana di Trevi. Seriously, do not miss the this opportunity, you will be grateful once you try any of their ice cream flavours.

8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome

Colle del Gianicolo – If breathtaking views is what your are after, than this is where you have to go. Particularly peaceful in the morning, this place is wonderful and well worth the hike up.

8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome Roman Forum and Palatine Hill – This site is pure history! At the Forum you can see where Julius Caesar was cremated and the Palatine Hill gives you amazing views of Rome. The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill feature the Arch of Titus, the Arch of Septimus Severus, The Arch of Constantine, the Temple of Saturn and the House of Vestals. Definitely a must-see. 

8 Fantastic Things To Do in Rome

Piazza Venezia – This is the very centre of Rome. On the right side of the main building you will find some steps, go up, walk all the way to the other side and be prepared for a fantastic view of the Roman Forum. This is a nice place to wonder around and enjoy. Bring a sandwich or a gelato with you! ;O)

Not sure yet whether Rome will be your next stop? As usual we’ve found a great video that might help you with your decision:


“She had always been fond of history, and here [in Rome] was history in the stones of the street and the atoms of the sunshine.”
― Henry James

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