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6 Things to do in Budapest – Hungary!

Created from the unification of 3 different cities (Buda, Pest and Óbuda), Budapest is a place with plenty of secrets, wonderful sites and things to do. An Architectural paradise with a very interesting and never ending mix of the old and the new.

Budapest has definitely everything that is needed to fulfil anyone’s holidays wishes.

Prepare your bags, we are going there!


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Things to do in BudapestArea: 525,2 km       Things to do in Budapest 1,728 million people  

6 Things to do in Budapest – Hungary

Things to do in Budapest

1. Budapest has the first ever built underground railway in Europe (Millennium Underground Railway), and some of the stations are just beautiful!!! 

Things to do in Budapest

2. The city of Spas!
Budapest is home to divine historic thermal baths and they are just perfect to relax after touring around the city. 
The Thermal Baths are opened year round and they are a real bargain!  

Things to do in Budapest

3. For all the beer lovers Hungarian craft beer is really tasty and a must try. There are plenty of small breweries around town. Cheers!!!

Things to do in Budapest   4. Don’t forget to try some of the delicious local dishes like:

* Goulash Soup
* Pörkölts (meat stew)
* Paprikás (meat stew with sour cream added to the sauce in order to get a creamier consistency!)

Things to do in Budapest

5. And of course some of the lovely cakes and sweets:
* (Dobos torta (sponge cake layered with chocolate buttercream and topped with caramel)
* Eszeteházy torta (named afterPrince Paul III Anton Esterházy de Galántha it’s a buttercream spiced with cognac or vanilla, sandwiched    between four to five layers of almond meringue dough)
* Strudels (Rétes) (pastry stuffed with apples, cherries or cottage cheese)

Things to do in Budapest

6. After all this  food is time for a good local digestive beverage, right? 
And obviously the Hungarians have their preference, and that is Zwack Unicum.
Zwack is a mixture of 40 different herbs and it has 40% alcohol. It’s bitter and quite strong. 
Appreciate with care!

Things to do in Budapest

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